Let's PARTY together!

みなさまの大切な1日をここASOBI J LANDで

Party information

Fix the Date and Time
Include Room decoration with ballons and birthday banner Free invitation card ( Soft Copy only )
Free admission for Birthday kid avalable for next visit Table cloth 1 sheet/Extension RM50 per hour

Open kids from 6 months up to 13 years old
Adults are FREE

Food ( Package Type ) -Kids Menu – RM300 for 15 kids

Package A
Fried Rice
French Fries
30 Chicken Nuggets
20 Fried Fishballs
20 Mini Cheese Tarts
Orange Cordial

Package B
Fried Noodles
30 Tuna Sandwiches
30 Chicken Nuggets
20 Sticks of Sausages
20 Chocolate Mint Tarts
Orange Cordial

Food ( Package Type ) -Adults Menu – RM600 for 20 pax

Package C
Fried Mee Hoon
Chicken Rendang or
Fried Chicken
40 Toast Tuna Sandwiches
30 Sticks of Sausages
30 Pieces of Nyonya Kuih
Orange Cordial

Package D
Mamak Mee Goreng
40 Toast Egg Sandwiches
30 Fried Spring Rolls
30 Fried Fishballs
30 Potato Curry Puffs
Orange Cordial

Vegetarian Menu

- Confirmation of order:
3 days before party day
- Including... Plate, Cup, Fork & Spoon

Package E – RM600 for 20 pax

Vege Fried Mee Hoon
 30 Fried Spring Rolls
Vegetables Curry
 30 Potato Curry Puffs
Mixed Vegetables
 Orange Cordial

Additional Orders for 20 pax

*Mixed Fruits RM50
*Potato salada RM40
*Rose Jelly RM30
*Potato Curry Puffs RM30
*Fried Spring rolls RM30

Food( Buffet Type )

Set A RM28 per set

Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuna Sandwich
Cream Puff
Chocolate Cake
Fruit Tart
Orange Cordial

Set B RM33 per set

Spaghetti Bolognese
Frid Chicken Boxer
Fried Spring Roll
Chicken Sausage / Cheese Tart
Agar ‒ agar Pudding
Egg sandwich / Soya Bean

Set C RM38 per set

Fried Mee Mamak
Prawn Fritter
Chicken Boxer
Two Type of Assorted Cake & Kuih
Tuna Sandwich
Cheese & Fruit Tart
Blackcurrant Cordial

- Minimum Order 30 sets - Confirmation of order: 3 days before party day

- Including... Plate, Cup, Fork & Spoon
- with 2 Waiters Service (Extra RM106 on Public Holidays)


Chocolate Fountain RM500 for 50-150pax

** 2kg Chocolate
**1kg Strawberry
**1kg Grapes
**500g green apple
**500g Stick Biscuits
**1kg Marshmallow

Candy Buffet RM600 for 50-100 pax

• 5 types of candies
(Marshmallow, Jelly Beans,
Lollipop, 2 colorful candies)
• Pop Cake ‒ 50 pcs
• Apam Polkadot ‒ 100 pcs
• Fruits Tart or Blueberry Tart
‒ 50pcs

Birthday Cake

♡Val Bakery♡
Decoration Cake
from RM234
180 ×1.3×1.06
→Val Bakery


Face Painting
‒ RM350 per hour
Balloon Clown
‒RM350 per hour
Magical Clown
‒ RM550 per hour
Mr. John Show ( Comedy Puppet )
‒ RM600 per hour
Mascot Appearance
Hello Kitty, Barney, Pororo
30mins. RM300 / 45mins. RM400
- RM250 with lots of candy and chocolate

Party Snap&Party Packs

Party Snap

Professional photographer shoots your party scene!
Customize your original photo-book!
Softcopy RM500
Premium photo book RM1000

Party Packs

RM10 per pax
Available for Girl, Boy, Unisex
Stationery, Snacks,
chocolate, candy
*Snacks appeared in picture
may change due to stocks

笑顔あふれる この特別なひとときを






Party Rules

□Both kids and adults are required to wear socks
 inside playground and party room
□Minimum 5 kids admissions are required
□Party hosts are allowed to enter party room to prepare
 from 30 minutes before party starts

□Payment of Room Charge RM265 and Add-ons** are required
 as deposit to reserve the party room.
 NO return of Deposit.
** Food and Clown: 100% deposit (No Refund)
** Other Add-ons: 50% deposit (No Refund)

□Cancellation Policy
 Room Charge: 100% is chargeable if the reservation is canceled
 within 14 days before party date.
 Change of reservation Date and Time is not acceptable
 within 14 days before party date.